Tear and Share

Tomorrow’s outline plan was to make an onion-ish or garlicky tear and share loaf to dunk into our Chilli non Carne. I have been Googling around and cannot find a recipe that lines up with what I had in my head, so it looks like I shall be extemporising.

I was surprised at how many (cheese and) onion breads that there are out there that are really scones. Cheese scones. Big ones. Anyway, will have fresh yeast, so will bake proper bread. There will be no cans of dough involved, nor will any pre-made loaves be sliced and reassembled for heating up. I want a scratch bake. I also want it to be the kind that looks like lots of pre-sliced bread has been assembled together. I would love it to be stuffed full of fresh herbs but my chives and my parsley are only just beginning to show, and there is nothing else on offer. As the bread is to go with chilli, I think it will certainly have cumin involved… and very likely some dried oregano. I shall have to think about it overnight and wake up with A Plan in my head in the morning. I shall be trying the crock pot proofing environment.

I am away out to Spinning Group shortly – there is soup in the crockpot and oaty wholemeal rolls thawed out for dunking. When I come home and have consumed my share of the soup, I intend to begin a list of things that I have always wanted to bake but never have (or have not since I was at school) – it will provide a hit list for the next few months, not to mention endless hours of entertainment.

News on the Ben Bread 1 front – it makes the most excellent toast!

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