No-bake days

No baking today. I fancied a Spanakopita for lunch but as we are trying to be good about our diet I am leaving the pastry out, so I suppose that we are having a spanakofrittata instead! I love the combo of Feta and Spinach and am now toying with notions of some kind of tasty Feta bread in the near future. I imagine that would need the addition of some black olives and fresh thyme, so it’s one to put on hold until I can get into town. Unlikely that will happen this week, it’s going to be too windy to venture forth without some dire need rather than just an idle fancy.

Tomorrow is Spinning Group and I shall be leaving a slow cooker full of broth for Mr L’s lunch, and getting some Granary rolls out of the freezer to go with it. So, no baking until Wednesday, when I plan a vat of Chilli non Carne and some garlicky bread. There is new yeast on Tuesday, so there is no way that I am not going to bake something on Wednesday.

Speaking of the slow cooker – a suggestion was made over on Ravelry that I could usefully deploy mine as a dough prover. I intend to try that out soon, most likely on Wednesday.

I enjoyed some Ben Bread 1 for my tea last night, as an open sandwich with tuna mayo. Mr L enjoyed his rather less than I, but he ate it. We both found it hugely appetite-satisfying and struggled to eat much of it. It might make a good staple for someone on a reducing diet!

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