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Well, it has been another busy day today. An enormous amount of stuff departed the premises – everything bar the kitchen sink, which as we all know, we do not actually possess at the moment. The jam pan went, along with a few storage crates and some masonry paint, and so did a heap of old worn-out bedding. It is amazing what can be rehomed when one tries hard enough and its eventual journey to landfill can be staved off for a while. I feel as though I am doing my bit.

Mr L is also doing his bit and as the weather was less clement today he did  a little more indoor painting, sanded and re-fitted some shelves in the living room and then began on the deep dark hole that is our garage. The garage is over 40 feet long, so you can imagine that after almost 11 years, there is a huge amount of material stored in there… in case it might be “needed one day”. It all must go. Gill had brought us a few feed bags and all of them were filled with rubbish today. It has not made a dent in the size of the project, believe me.

Some things that have been missing for ages have been unearthed, sometimes with whoops of joy.

I am giving myself the evening off, more or less but Mr L has begun work on one of our two box rooms. He has dusted off his keyboard and is now having a last play before it is advertised. Happily, Nell is never tempted to sing along with the keyboard – she favours a string accompaniment.

The rubbish collection has been booked and we have four weeks in which to identify all items and to gather together those so designated. Sadly, I feel that this means that every day from now until collection day is going to be busy, with no time off for good behaviour. We are going to be needing large quantities of chocolate and gallons of gin!

There will not be much time for knitting.

Mr L has just returned from a chocolate foray at the local shop. He brings with him some startling news.

Oh, and it’s not a keyboard, apparently it is a Digital Workstation as the image clearly shows. You live and you learn.

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