Still ticking…

…but only just.

There is not much of anything happening around here at present. The puppy is proving a little more challenging than we would wish and requires constant watching while she is awake. That, and an attack of the shingles, means that I have done no knitting and precious little spinning in recent weeks. I did manage to spin at Wednesday group last week – hurrah – but nothing since, so no progress being made really. More like backwards progress in fact. The knitting hasn’t been out of its box for ages. I did go to craft class two weeks ago and start to teach myself crochet once more – but that hasn’t been out of its bag since then. Craft class again tomorrow night, so I hope to get a bit further with it – and I did get a library book on crochet from the van on Wednesday.

I desperately want to pick up the spinning again. But I also want to make progress with my knitting WIPS. And even more than that. I want to do some felting. Alas, all of it must wait until Nell can stop widdling on the carpet every thirty seconds… something has gone very wrong with her house-training, alas.

In the downtime that I do have when Nell has a little kip, I am trying to make progress on my visual journal. Why that comes first, I have no idea – but right now, that seems to be what my spirit craves. It’s all about colour and inspirations, so I expect whatever I am doing in the journal(s) will express itself eventually in the fibres – as I definitely want to move into a more creative direction with yarn and fibre at some point.

The journal work can be seen at Demiurge

The other thing that did get done was the swapping of my workroom and the storeroom. I now have a larger room into which I can fit all my paper-based and fibre-based crafts together. There is also room in there to sit and spin, once I have finished adding shelves and organising materials. I find it difficult to gain sufficient non-puppy time in which to get the job done but we’ll get there in the end.