Felt daft…


I don’t know what got in to me today but I found myself deeply embroiled in housework[1]. I’ve scrubbed and tidied and generally worn myself out. The master plan appeared to be to bottom the utility room (yet again) in order to facilitate some felt-making, though I can’t honestly say that I consciously thought about that. Added to puppy duties and general lack of sleep, I found myself wishing at tea time that I didn’t have to go out tonight…

We had taken Nell out to play outside before tea, in some hope of addressing the problems that she has at present. There was a biting cold wind and all I really felt like tonight was a hot bath and an early bed.

I sat down at my PC for a while and noticed the available WP upgrade. So I whipped off a few “one click install” upgrades… only to find out that several of them had generated problems. Horribly, most of them were not my own installations, but ones that I host or take care of for other people. So, guess what I have been doing? Tracking down problems. Horribly, each installation appeared to exhibit different problems. Woolgathering went entirely blank! Fairhand/Demiurge sported horrible database errors at the head of each page… apologies to any readers who experienced difficulties with these domains today. My beloved’s MGB blog also broke, for different reasons to my own. And I had some other fractures to repair as well. It’s been a nightmare.

The upshot was… I was sat here, playing database detective, when the phone rang and a voice asked if I was coming to craft club tonight. I had completely lost track of time.

I’m still in my scruffy stained clothes, with what feels like an inch thick crust of dirt on my face, and still nithered to death from playing outside with the pup. I couldn’t face dashing out unprepared. So… I’ve missed my crochet lesson. Ah well, me and a crochet hook are never going to get on anyway :-}

At least the databases are fixed and everything seems to be working again. I’m going to run a hot bath and ponder whether to continue this rather late-in-the-year bout of spring cleaning tomorrow or to dig out some tops and some soap flakes and get busy lathering up some felty pieces instead. I still need to bring more organisation to my new workroom…. it’s a difficult choice.

Footnote [1]

  1. Put bins out
  2. emptied and cleaned 3 cat trays
  3. emptied and filled dishwasher
  4. emptied and filled washing machine
  5. washed dog bowls
  6. made breakfast
  7. paired and balled an infeasible number of socks
  8. put away dry laundry from weekend washing
  9. vacuumed and tidied sitting room
  10. hung out laundry load 1
  11. put on load 2 to wash then hung it out later and washed/hung 2 more loads
  12. cooked lunch
  13. tidied utility room (mostly) (well, partially)
  14. cleaned bench and sink in utility room
  15. brought in washing
  16. tidied office (somewhat)(a huge job)
  17. stole bed from cat and washed it… she’s very annoyed
  18. made tea