Some FOs

PCL-FO1Spiraluscious neckwarmer/collar thing by Anne Hanson at Knitspot. Knitted in Lochan from The Yarn Yard, in Pine Cone shade.

Unsurprisingly, I named it Pine Cone Luscious

The yarn is gorgeous, a Merino/Tencel half and half blend 4ply. It has a lovely sheen and a great depth of colour.

The pattern knits up swiftly, it took me two afternoons, even with learning how to do a knit-on edging.

The collar took just 30 grams, so I could get three of these from one ball of yarn if I wished to.

Now all I need is a better model than a polystyrene head on a dog food box… a bit of Human shaping would show the collar off far better,



Another Clapotis. Another swift knit.

Knitted from the odds ‘n ends silks set I got from Colourmart. I believe that this yarn is a DK.

I used 96 gms of my 500 gms parcel and total cost of this scarf was approximately £5.30. I knitted it narrower (71 stitches) than the standard Clapotis but added two repeats to the length.

I like it, it’s very chic and makes a good extra indoor layer. The colour is an indescribable grey-that-looks-blue in some lights. Tempting to call it “Steel” but frankly it’s nothing at all like steel.

Lightsoutis at Ravelry.

As usual, all pics bigger at Flickr.

I don’t have pics of the skeins that I washed yesterday – and the light has gone now (it’s raining again.) Maybe tomorrow. I am actually quite pleased with the yarn. Can’t wait to knit it up and see how it performs.

2885727382_8dd51ee082 I wish that I could be reporting my #1 Husband socks as completed, as Socktoberfest ceased last night. Alas, I am only 2/3rds of the way down the heel flap. They are a priority though (I need the needles!) and I am sprinting for the finish this weekend if I can. I shall keep the Morning Surf project simmering on the back burner and try to do some work on the Bayret but I do now need to be knocking out some practical winter knits for Mr plumbum and also a few bazaar knits for the Christmas Fair. My next cast on should be for some fingerless mitts for the keyboard worker. I have Opal Uni for those, in grey and gold. They should make some lovely mitts I think.

Overall, Socktoberfest went well, I think. I learned a new technique (Magic Loop) and produced a whole pair of socks that way. I went on to complete a WIP (Vanilla Mansocks) by transferring it to Magic Loop and I have completed one sock of another WIP (Mr plumbum’s green and growllies) the same way and am halfway through the second. I might have taken time out to Do Other Stuff but at least the Bayret and the Spiraluscious were consolidating the new technique. That’s my excuse anyway, and I am sticking to it!

There will be more socks in the coming weeks but mainly for Mr plumbum and for the most part they will be boring Vanilla socks for speed. I also need to make him at least one sweater.

I have a job interview on the 11th November. If that results in paid employment, my knitting plans will be well up the creek and totally paddle-less. I need to crack on with those winter woollies right now, just in case. O.K. – so Mr p wants to send me out to work. That’s no reason for me to take spite and leave him shivering in the winter winds, is it? Well, maybe…. 😉

And… in the post today – a megaload of parcels “You been going mad on eBay?” asked the postie this morning. Frankly, yes – but for a change, it was not I! The rechargeable lantern has arrived and is now on the wall. It slots into a plug-in recharging bracket. When the power goes off, the lantern comes on automatically. It has two light levels so that it can be left on the dimmer setting for use as emergency lighting, or switched up for a spotlight outdoors. That is going to be so useful. I can see that we may well buy one or two more to scatter through the house.

Also in today’s post was my replacement cutting/grating blade for the Magimix – I’ve missed that! I see a Dauphinoise in my near future… We also got a coarser grater disc, something I have been wanting ever since I bought the food processor about ten years ago. Mmm, Macaroni Cheese….

PS – I think we need a name for my model. Any suggestions? Ms Polly Styrene is a non-runner. Way too obvious.