Le Weekend

The weekend – where did it go? Saturday appears to have been a total non-event. I managed not one stitch of knitting but cannot see that very much else got done at all. Sunday was a not bad day at all and we went recycling then took the dogs for a walk across Cata Sand





and along Newark beach



to Tresness (marked with the arrows). Tresness is our dream home. And it’s up for sale. But we do not have £395,000 to spare. All the same, we made a lot of fantasy plans last night for what we would do with the estate in the eventuality that half a million landed through our letter box today. (it didn’t, BTW)

On the walk along Newark we came across a dead Porpoise. It was Griff who found it and he was most pleased with himself. Nell seemed to find it all rather worrying.


Steve made a rough measurement by using foot lengths, so that we could make a proper report to the Ranger. He got his feet wet in doing so. The cadaver was proclaimed to be five feet in length.


I am no expert but there seemed to be two kinds of injuries to the poor creature, which looked pretty freshly dead. There were obvious bite marks where something had tried to make dinner of the fresh carcase but also these horizontal slashes. If I had to guess I’d say the porpoise had been trapped in a fishing net and drowned.


We crossed back onto Cata at the end of the Dunes. This photo gives absolutely no indication of the scale of this thing…


Nell found a buoy and had the time of her life propelling it along on our walk.


We explored the ruins for a while. This is the Horse Mill, where I am putting the communal rooms for my writers’ retreat. The tea room is going in the octagonal building. 🙂


and this is one of the ruined cottages – these are going to be one room studio apartments for writers and artists on retreat… in my dream.


All images bigger at Flickr, of course.

Route map, click for legible size


We came home to a fortified coffee and a long soak in a hot bath. Then I knitted on my sock (now almost at the end of the gusset) while listening to The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul.

That was it. Le weekend – finis!

I had a bout of castonitis today. I’m keeping it a secret until I see if it works out.

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  1. June 8, 2009

    Really enjoyed your photos in this post (which I found when searching for more information about Tresness) and have added you to my Google Reader feed as I look to learn more about island life.

    My wife, Lisa, is coming to Sanday on Monday afternoon to view Tresness on Tuesday and will be staying for the rest of the week at Ladybank. Would there be any chance you would be willing to tell her a bit about life on Sanday? We’ve both read quite a bit of your blog here.

    Lisa is a craft person, mainly sewing and print making here in Tokyo where we are currently living.

    Thank you!

    • June 8, 2009

      mark, I’ll be happy to play hostess, of course. I’ll even go out to TresnesS with her to keep her company if she wishes (have 4×4 available) will reply by email shortly

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