Dogged Persistence

Having undertaken to complete Mr L’s socks during Socktoberfest, I find myself plugging away at them with dogged persistence today – despite several interruptions and a migraine. My head wasn’t too bad this morning and I managed to get several little jobs done, but the pain has been cranking up since around 11am. This is making the all-over stitch pattern more than a little tedious. Despite knowing that I cannot reach my goal, I plod on – one foot after the same foot, as it were – except I am not yet at the foot. I am not yet even at the ankle. One leg pattern repeat to go and I shall start the heel flap. The best I can hope for today is perhaps to get the gusset picked up. So – I have a terrible headache. Why don’t I admit defeat and go for a nice lie down? Madness, I tell ye.

Today has been a day of pleasant surprises – three of them in all. Lots of smiles today.

This morning I got my skeins washed, and washed and blocked the Clapotis and the Spiraluscious.

This afternoon, I tried to watch the execrable Merlin on the iplayer while I knitted on the sock. Merlin is truly awful – not even the presence of Richard Wilson and That Nice Man From the Coffee Ads can save it, nor even John Hurt’s vocal talents. So why am I making an exception today? So I can perv after Julian Rhind-Tutt, of course.

Which reminds me, why is JRT not being touted for the new Who?  He’d be perfect. Though, from the betting list that I saw, there were one or two others who might be almost as good. James Nesbitt  – yes, but he’s not going to, is he? Likewise David Morrissey, though perhaps he is slightly more likely to do it than Nesbitt.

This odds list snagged from Oldbloke over on LJ – comments are mine

Patterson Joseph 4.00 Who?
David Morrisey 6.00   He’d do for me, but would he do it?
James Nesbitt 7.00    Ditto
John Simm 9.00       He can’t – he’s The Master!
Russell Tovey 11.00   Too young
Anthony Head 11.00    Too much of an Old Ham
Richard E. Grant 15.00   Nicely sinister but too old and too established
Robert Carlyle 15.00    Perv, perv, perv  🙂
Alan Davies 17.00      Time for another humourous/quirly/eccentric Dr? I think those days are gone.
Aidan Gillen 19.00  Who?
Harry Lloyd 19.00   Who?
Jason Statham 19.00 Who?
Ben Wishaw 21.00     Who?
Julian Walsh 21.00    Who?
Nigel Harman 21.00   Who?
Bill Nighy 26.00        Don’t be silly
Stephen Fry 26.00     Don’t be ridiculous
Chiwetel Ejiofor 26.00  Who?
Paul Bettany 34.00      Mmmmm…. possibly
Marc Warren 34.00     I’d go for that
John Barrowman 34.00   Don’t be ridiculous
David Suchet 34.00      Don’t be ridiculous
Christopher Eccleston 41.00  BTDTGTTS
Joel Beckett 41.00     Who?
Dean Lennox Kelly 51.00  Who?
Christopher Villiers 67.00 Who?
Ricky Gervais 81.00        ROTFL
Vinnie Jones 101.00       Don’t be ridiculous
Hugh Grant 101.00        Don’t be ridiculous
Robbie Williams 151.00  Don’t be ridiculous

No. I tell you – Julian Rhind-Tutt. He’s your man; Dr Mac for the Doctor.

Right – back to the sock!