Today was the annual Craft Fair. I sold some more knitting – not without a pang, since it was made from my own handspun. is to invoice for some work soon. I am told by the other half of the company that I may keep the loot for myself. All for me. Wheee! Now, I do have to pay off my overdraft – but I can’t help but think how nice it would be to have a Schacht Matchless… second hand, of course.

Whoops – cart before horse again! But a girl can dream.

Maybe I’d be better off buying an alpaca 🙂

Of course, I know that I’m just being softened up here. He’s working on my resistance to the idea of paid employment. I am to be sent to work, if at all possible, to pay off the mortgage and enable an earlier retirement. It’s a good job that I love ‘im, innit?  🙂

‘scuse me while I go log on to eBay and see how much a Schacht wheel goes for these days.

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