Not much

Not much of a fibrous nature happening around here right now, Important Matters are afoot and much grey matter is being mangled in a difficult decision-making process. Part of the decision-making must be based on practical considerations and thus practical changes are occupying much of my time. Certain things require to be prepared, tested and proved before I make a step towards a major possible commitment…

(One of the things I have been doing was a very major task – sorting out my email client. When I was ill I stopped using my mail client – some part of me rejected the need to address the emails contained therein. I took to reading mail at Google and not collecting it in my client, so that I didn’t have to acknowledge the existence of this huge heap of unanswered and unread mail. Yesterday I fired up my client and let it download many months of mail from my Google archive. It was grim – and it took several hours. I don’t intend to address the neglect – and I deleted everything that had arrived. After all, if it’s hung around this long, a reply must be a bit pointless at this stage. I now have an empty mail client, and am setting it up for a process-to-empty in box strategy. It’s easy to do in conjunction with Googlemail, as the archive remains at Google if I ever need to search for something. I now need to clear my head and think about what accounts to collect in my client and which rules to apply. I shall no longer sort mailing list items into folders for later review – the whole lot will go into the in-box, which will be emptied by end of day. I should end up with a much faster mail client and a more effective method of working. More importantly, I can deploy my Dragon with my client and save some use of my arm for other matters.)

Part of the process involved a couple of bottles of red wine last night and I am here to confess that I have felt brighter…

Today is Spinning Day. We are spinning at J’s house and I am looking forward to her wonderfully cosy kitchen and her most excellent baking skills.

I have news to impart to the Spinning Ladies of Sanday this morning. Firstly, I had mail this morning from the very nice lady who joined us at spinning when she was here on holiday a couple of weeks ago. She sent a bumper package of leaflets and patterns etc for us to squabble over share. What she did not include was the one item that she had promised to send me… so that is coming later (How to Weave notes.)

The second piece of very exciting news that I have to share is that I managed to score 3 and a half Herdwick fleeces on Freecycle this morning. All I have to do now is to figure out a way of getting them to our island.

I am hoping to get my long 6mm needles back today, so perhaps the Swallowtail Shawl will begin to grow again soon. I think a bit of knitting is just what I need to calm my nerves down a bit.