Slowing down

I seem to have stopped enjoying the Swallowtail Shawl. I imagine that is just because of the sheer awkwardness of handling it now. Things will improve when I get my needles back. In the meantime, maybe a rest will do me good and refresh my enthusiasm. All the same, I reckon 60% done is a dangerous place to pause. We shall see.

Today I spent the whole morning packing things up for the craft fair and making handouts in Publisher, then I made risotto. This afternoon I seem to be mooching more than anything. Still toying with the idea of doing some twined knitting and have been signing up to Yahoo groups and looking for tutorials. I had better not get carried away and start casting on with the Kauni before I have completed the shawl! That way, disaster lies…

I haven’t been sleeping well and tiredness is taking its toll. I can’t even start to think about which project to pick up while the shawl is resting. I can’t work anything out in my head at all and I have weighty matters to be juggling with aside from clearing my WIPs.

Got to go shopping soon, the dogs have run out of food.

Next week we go to Kirkwall and stock up on extravagances. It is our ninth non-anniversary at the Bank Holiday weekend. Or it might be the tenth. Neither of us is entirely certain. We shall become all gooey and smoochy and we shall wine and dine at home. Mexican influences this year, we think. Perhaps a Chicken Mole. Gazpacho to begin with, because Mr L  has a thing about Gazpacho, maybe some Guacamole to dunk into while we set the table and finish the dinner off. Dessert? Always a problem when we do a Mexican spread – I never seem to come up with any recipes other than Flan (egg custard, to you and me). Do you have any suggestions for a dessert for me?

Should we buy some Tequila? Maybe.