Slow, slow, slip, slip, slow

Latest project: Slippery Socks in Stroud Socrates (Arizona) from Violet Green. The yarn is fantastic and I have been saving it for the right project. Slippery Socks seem to fit the bill.

I cast on last night, still rejecting Mr plumbum’s socks on a “poor light stopped play” basis. Hah!  So what do I do?

Look, ma, I’m knitting with six needles!

It may be the world’s most complicated sock pattern, or not, but it sure as heck looks like being the world’s slowest sock recipe. 2.25mm needles (of which I have only a 7″ set – 5″ would be far easier to manage), slip stitches, and cables – with two concurrent charts: one 24 row chart and one 20 row chart. The potential for going wrong is enormous.

Tell you what though, it’s going to be worth it. These are going to be fabulous socks if I manage to stay the course.


I sat and knitted throughout the entire radio series of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency last night, and still only made it to row 17 of the first pattern repeat. Here we are at the end of the first repeat of the 24 row chart. There are two more of these to do before we reach the heel flap.

Second Syndrome Prediction = 99.98%

All the same, I can’t help but believe that if the deity had intended us to knit with six needles at any one time then he/she/it would have managed a Human blueprint with more than two hands included.

The worst of it? The pattern was designed by a high school student.

Oh, the shame of these cack-handed digits…

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