The Dreaming Peacocks FO

To recap – my fountain hat was knitting up to too loose a gauge, on too large a needle, and I also could not follow the pattern on the circular needles. Constantly tinking back was spoiling the yarn. So I ripped it and cast on to 2 straights of the correct size.

It knitted up OK, but with errors in that I couldn’t fathom. But “good enough.”


It’s blocked.


It’s HUGE!

I shall do this again, as I think there is sufficient yarn remaining, but on a smaller needle size still. And perhaps not very soon…

I am hugely disappointed, because I love the colours in this yarn. I think, maybe, it just isn’t elastic enough for a hat.

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  1. SpinningGill
    March 23, 2008

    Could you felt it? Would you still see the pattern? (Save knitting it *again*) 🙂

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