Quick stepping

While I couldn’t exactly call this The Sock From Hell, I can already tell that this will be no love affair ‘twixt it and I. I also could not call this tedium per se, but the sheer slowness of progress is set to drive me barmy. I am only up to R11 of the second pattern repeat. I cannot tell the level of relief when reaching a row with noting more taxing than a few slipped stitches. Life would be far easier with a set of 5″ needles. *sigh*

A policy decision has been made – not to tink. This, when I found a simple error about 20 rows back. The sock is far too slow to knit to feel like going back and redoing things. In this case, I could drop the stitch and reweave with a crochet hook, but I am not doing that either… Yes, too scared to tempt the knitting gods, I shall leave well alone and call these trouser socks. What you don’t see will not hurt you. Heck, it’s only two purl stitches in a column of two knit stitches. Nobody dies.

I shall be needing a parallel “easy going” project, to save my sanity. What shall it be?

The Arizona Quickstep at Ravelry