Slow progress

I have made slow progress today – on everything. Far from reaching the toe on the Merope sock, I find that it is bedtime just as I reach the end of the gusset. There’s a long way to go (I have long feet). So, I am short on the sock, barely begun on the Alhambra, and totally unprepared for Wednesday’s kids’ activity session (why, oh why did I defer the prep until tomorrow???) The only sense of achievement today came from plying off the Inferno roving – and that was a cheat, because I am only about one third of the way there. Well, maybe more than that – because I have spun one lot of roving, and have another to go. I just didn’t get all of the first batch plyed, thinking that I would spin onto the end of what was left on the bobbins. So I didn’t get my bobbins emptied either – and that was the whole point of sitting down to spin today!

And you should see the state of the house. Two dogs and two cats moulting – thank heaven Nell is a short hair!

I need to comb Griff out tomorrow, to get some dog fur for Show and Tell on Wednesday. Let’s hope nobody asks me to actually spin some – I haven’t tried that particular adventure yet.

I’m still in love with my Flambé 🙂