Tour de Madness

tdf_2008_badgeI pondered this a while back but lacked the ability to withdraw my digit in time to join at the off. A bit late, but I’m signing up now – flushed, no doubt, by my success with the Flambé yarn today.

My personal goal is to spin a little each day during the TdeF, and to carry out an earlier promise to spin for an hour each morning before breakfast. The ultimate aim is to ensure that I spin up all the rovings that I bought for Project Spectrum.

Spinning has been taking a back seat lately to my knitting needles. I need to generate a little balance of activity. Perhaps the TdeF will give me the impetus and commitment needed.


There’s another TdeF group on Ravelry. I joined back in May, with the intention of doing this and then apparently forgot all about it. It must have been the fumes from the cashmere that got to me.