Well, I did manage to do some spinning before breakfast – inasmuch as I have not yet had any breakfast. We tend to rely on Nell to get us up these days, she’s normally better than any alarm clock but today she slept in – and so did we. I sat down to spin at 8:45 am and re-filled my bobbin of thick and thin red/orange Inferno. Later on I hope to re-fill the purple bobbin and maybe ply some more off. I confess that I have not managed the full hour yet.

Most of my day so far has been filled with collecting things together ready for tomorrow. I don’t think that I need a car, I think that I need a removal van… so I have elicited a promise from Mr L that he will help me load up in the morning. I don’t want to pack the car tonight for fear of condensation, which won’t mix happily with spinning wheels and looms and fibre etc.

Also this morning I have prepared a little fibre guessing game – with 20 16 pictures of assorted fibre sources and empty boxes to match to numbered fibre samples. What I have not yet sorted out is any form of prize.

I just thought of another game – but don’t think I have resources available to set it up – but we could have played “fastest/best nostepinde winder” if we had some measured lengths of yarn. That would have kept them quiet for ten minutes 🙂

Loads left to do – carding fleece and combing dogs, finding fleeces in the store room… but I am going to treat myself to half an hour’s knitting on my sock before cooking lunch.

I still have to reach the daily goal of one pattern repeat on the scarf as well.

It’s all go.