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One of the things that I love about living by the sea is the way that the view is a  new one every day. The tide comes and goes, and the birds and seals come and go with the state of the tide too. The colour of the sea is ever-changing under the volatile sky, and it’s very nature changes with the phase of the moon and the force and direction of the wind. All weekend we had a dark and stormy sea, with large waves and spray breaking over the road and into the garden. Today is as calm and still as it ever could be. It’s cold today – frosty in fact – and sunny. I had a splendid cycle ride to spinning, though a little nippy about the hind quarters. Coming home was even better and I felt gloriously happy as I pedalled home in the sun, looking at my world reflected in the plate glass of the bay. I mean,  really  ecstatic. It was wonderful. I was completely dazzled by the sun bouncing off the sea – I must buy some ski goggles or something similar to wear when I am on the bike.

The weekend storm had blown up much rubbish of the persistent kind. I resolved to do something about it and when I came home I asked Mr L, if he wasn’t busy, would like to come outside for 20 minutes. We took the dogs, some gloves, and a "Bag the Bruck" bag, and we quickly filled it with plastic bottles and other debris. I found a small buoy in good condition and lobbed it across the road and into the garden for Nell, who had a perfectly splendid, if very noisy, time chasing it around. She too was ecstatic with the way that today turned out. I think Suzie also rather enjoyed herself poking around in the lovely rotting seaweed smells. As always, with Griff it was hard to tell. He’s an enigmatic kind of a chap.

The lack of wind today meant that I could buy the Really Useful Box that I wanted from the Post Office, and bring it home just wedged into my cycle basket. I am well pleased with my purchase and will soon have it filled with sock yarn. It is an 18 Litre box, and will live up to its name, I am sure.

The Baby Socks were finished at Spinning this morning and I am ready to get my parcel packed up. I am glad that I persevered with the socks but I don’t believe I shall be making any more in a hurry.

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It’s mass migration time! #livereportingfromtheroad #france #autumn2020 #thelockdowndash