Wednesday Spin

It’s Spinning Day today and once again I shall be knitting. Still, dry days are so rare at this time of year that I have to take my bike out when I am able. One day I shall get myself a nice drop spindle and learn to use it well – then I shall be prepared for all eventualities. So, on the bike today – I shall be juggling SpinningGill’s big book and I really want to call at the PO and buy a Really Useful Box that I saw there last week, though I don’t know how I shall get that home!

I almost mugged the postie when he arrived just now, as I had Great Expectations. Most of them were fulfilled, but my expected "D" RAK box is still ‘twixt here and Pink Panther country.

In the Post

  1. My replacement needles from Kollage. First inspection suggests that the catchy-ness is entirely due to the design. These feel little better than the first pair but I shall try them out immediately to see as…
  2. a parcel from Socktopus arrived with two skeins of Smooshy yarn (I know. Bad girl!) and some long-needed Eucalan. As I accidentally *cough* bought the Francie sock pattern the other day, I am all set to go. I am not supposed to be casting on but it’s only polite to test the needles and give feedback as soon as possible to Kollage. 🙂
  3. A much-needed needle gauge via eBay. It’s a Pony one, with rulers, gauge measure and yarn cutter – very useful!

Finished Objects

FO and stash posts will be coming soon. I just need a little more light to play with. The Earl Greys are on the feet across the desk from me, and the BSJ is drying flat, as is the Baby Beanie. One Baby Sock is finished and the heel flap on the other is almost complete. I shall be finishing the second sock at spinning this morning.

The Hit List

With the Earl Greys and the BSJ complete, the Hit List is whittling down nicely. Ingrid is live, but still not a priority, and the Thorfinn socks have the same status. I think my next quick hit has to be the Rainbow Swallowtail. Yes, it has to be, I should steel myself for it and find the circulars that I bought to finish it off with. I shan’t be taking it to Spinning though – I need something more straightforward to knit there.


  1. January 14, 2009

    I hope the D parcel gets to you soon – 2nd class takes ages!!

    • January 14, 2009

      I’m sure it will. Look at it this way, it wouldn’t be much fun for the rest of the week if all the goodies arrived on one day. A little sunshine every day, that’s what we all need, I reckon.

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