The scarf continues to delight me. I am about to begin on the second, smaller skein. It should be “finished” today – but will it be long enough? Anyway, it is a truly delicious looking thing. Copperpot has indicated that she can make up another batch for me, if I need it.

I am planning a second, fancier version of the Morning Surf Scarf, having succumbed to a Colormart bargain today. Go look at eBay…

Yesterday I was too nauseous to sample much of my cooking. I am currently on a coffee break and enjoying one of the lemon buns. Really delicious. I’ll be they were good when they were really fresh.

I have the urge for some healthy eating today, though. I have some of Sarah Brown’s Lentil Croquettes in preparation. I have washed brown rice to go with them, which I shall probably cook with mushrooms, lemon, onion, and parsley. Courgettes and a fresh tomato sauce will make up the meal. It’s a very scrummy combination. I’ll make a lettuce salad to go on the side, with R’s fresh home-grown lettuce from yesterday. Can’t wait!

Nell is allowed to run around off the lead from today. She seems mighty pleased about that. We need to get her stitches out now. I am hoping that won’t, mean a trip to Kirkwall.