It really is gorgeous

This scarf that I am knotting is a thing of great beauty. I am not blowing my own trumpet here – it is more a matter of fact that I am greatly moved by the rightness of this piece of work. It really is a stunner – and it was much admired at Spinning Group today…

It is going to be shorter than calculated – I just went through an extended stretch of thicker yarn. It’s going to be so much on the short side that it may not merit the label “scarf”. What to do? I don’t think I want to rip it out and do a 36 stitch version. I think that makes too few ripples to really be able to appreciate the nature of the stitch pattern. I looked again at the examples in Spin Off and I do think it to be the case that the wider ones are far more attractive than those with only three or four bumps in their width.

SpinningGill was very naughty and seeded the idea of buying more roving… I have been to Copperpot’s Etsy shop but there was none of the DFV currently on offer. The thing is, if I were to buy more, I’d have to buy another roving too – to make sensible use of the postage costs… obviously.

I don’t know. I think that the best thing to do is to knit the yarn out and see just how far it does go, and how the piece looks at that length. But it takes so long for the roving to get here from the States. And that would leave a big gap… and I would be wanting this finished. But what if I order the roving and it turns out that the length I have now is actually OK and I didn’t need extra anyway?


All I know is that I don’t want to abandon the scarf and frog it to reuse the yarn in something less yardage-intensive This scarf should come to fruition. It needs to be. It’s not just knitting – this is a Piece of Art!

Spinning Cake today was: flapjacks with seeds and raisins and honey, “Mars Bar” Crispies (actually Lidl imitation mars bars, but who’s checking?), and something akin to rock buns except they weren’t rocky and they had lemon rind and candied peel instead of mixed fruit. This odd mix was driven by the fact that I had only on egg in the house, and also that one of our group is gluten-intolerant. Totally fearsome quantities of butter were deployed.

What else? Oh yes, our locally made niddy noddies arrived! Modelled on SpinningGill’s beautifully simple one, and made from timber from old church pews from the island. they are simply stunning. We may have some for sale at the Sanday Spinners’ site shortly.

One of our group had a bobbin made by the same local craftsman. You should see it. It’s huge. And it’s oak. And it is very, very beautiful.

R brought home grown lettuce and young parsley plants to share.

Nell was very well behaved at spinning. And so were the cats, Teddy and Treacle. Teddy was remarkably sociable. He must be settling down to old age now – though he’s only 8 or 9 years old.

My enjoyment was marred by a headache. For the first time ever, I woke to day four of  a migraine. I am not happy about that. It got very bad this afternoon and I actually took to a darkened bedroom for the first time in several years. Not good. The headache is still here but now at a level whereat I can function. I hope that it is gone by tomorrow.

I think I will just go and email Copperpot to see if she will be offering any DFV any time soon…