For certain values of done-ness, that is. It’s not really a scarf, it’s very short. But it is lovely. Photos over the weekend.

The solution came to me this morning in bed. I shall unpick it and re-knit it as a cowl. The ripples will run sideways – I can change needle sizes to get the shaping – and make a deep scrunchy collapsing cowl! It will work perfectly. All I need is some suitable circular needles.

I hate knitting on circs, but this time I see the potential. It will be wonderfully squishy, the colours will be “interesting” when knitted sideways (eek, will it work?), and I can keep the scrunchy texture that I love, with no need to block.


Today is glorious. I am going to have an arm-resting day (it has been very sore since the Sports coverage day.) No knitting, no spinning, no (well, only some) pooterage. Which is awkward, given that I had a rush of blood to the head last night and initiated a number of contacts! But they can wait and today is for paper, glue, and ink – and coffee in the garden with the butterflies and my  fresh copy of cloth Paper Scissors.

Nell had her stitches out last night but is still not allowed to run riot in the garden or go on the beach for a couple of days. Poor Nell.

Today is my first day off the meds. I have weighed in, so that I can watch for unexplained weight loss (I wish!) and I get bloods done in 6 weeks’ time, to see how things are going. Wish me luck…

I think it  must be that – the realisation that it has been over a year on the Carbimazole, over a year since I withdrew and shut down and stopped communicating in general. I miss my pals. So I looked a few up. Now I am faced with the need to keep up with it all – and I am mildly panicking. It’s crazy. When did everything in my life stop making sense? I often have no idea just who I am anymore.

And, on that subject, I have been drafting my CV recently… and it was a shock to recall the person that I once was. So competent, so together, so professional and smart and able. I wonder where it was that my brain went to? I am become a pudding. Pah! Never mind my brain, I just want my competence back!