Don’t men have big feet? *sigh*

This sock is becoming tedious. The yarn is nowhere near as pleasant to knit with as Opal yarns are and stocking stitch is irksome. If I  make it straight on to the second sock without deviating into a lace project, it will be a miracle.

I actually feel mean, giving Mr L this sock. It feels proper nasty. But I need to refine a pattern for his feet and it would be a waste to try the first pair in good yarn. Once I have it nailed, I’ll use some of my hoarded hand dyed nice soft yarn for a compensatory pair. In the meantime, I did buy ten balls of these sale sock yarns, and only sold on 4 of them – so he has six pairs to go (thankfully, some are cotton mix yarns.) I cannot see me buying Regia ever again and will most likely stick to Opal for my less special socks, and the lovely Bonny (how I love my Merope socks!) for the good ones.

yarnyard1 And speaking of pleasant yarns – knitters should pop along to The Yarn Yard and take a look at Natalie’s new luxurious laceweights.

Machair is a 1200m per 100gm in 70% baby alpaca, 20% silk and 10% cashmere and there are some pretty greens, pinks and brown/gold skeins left from yesterday’s update at the time of writing this post.

Aurora is equally gorgeous: an 80% merino and 20% silk yarn – there are still some left in a variety of shades of blue and green. It too offers a fine laceweight of 1200 metres per 100 gms.

Me? I shouldn’t have, and I didn’t need to, but I got one of each anyway (telling myself that I should support Scottish small businesses at every opportunity *cough*) – a deep violet blue and a wine-ish red colour.

Can’t wait to fondle it!

It was very naughty to get these as I signed up recently to Natalie’s solid yarns club… ah well, the winters are long ones in Orkney :-}

I must make a pledge to buy no more yarn until I have knitted most of my stash away – or I shall have SBLE[1]. We should bear in mind that I am also adding to my stash by spinning…

Who wants mentioning in my will?

[1] Stash Beyond Lifetime Expectancy