Mail Call

Phoarr – I do love a good parcel…

In today’s mail:

  • 600 grams of off the cone 2/28 NM laceweight “70% extra fine merino, 20% silk, 10% cashmere, spun by Zegna Baruffa of Italy. It is beautifully soft with a silky sheen” – what they didn’t add to that description was the stunning jewel-like depth of colour. Gobsmackingly gorgeous some of these shades are. But it’s spinning day and I am all behind and there’s no time for photos right now. Definitely more lacy scarves coming up! Xmas well taken care of.
  • one A2 Fiskars cutting mat – very speedily delivered
  • two skeins of baby camel/tussah silk from exclusivelylindalee at etsy. Pretty, pretty, pretty – though I never expected to say that about a brown roving.
  • two pads of A4 Imperial graph paper, for the craft club

Also in today’s mail – a whomping great bill from our solicitor. Frightened the pants off Mr L, it did. It should be OK – by the time the building society gives us the cash back for some of the legal fees. It looks like we’ll be paying this month’s mortgage bill twice, or maybe three times[1]. AND there was a 3 figure item on the bill that was not in the quote that we asked for before deciding we could afford to remortgage. Fortunately we have just about enough cash in the bank to do all that and it will all sort itself out eventually when refunds are made, but it was a very scary moment when he opened that envelope. I had to ask if I should send my parcels back before I opened them…

[1] once by normal Direct Debit, once in the redemption payment for lender 1, and possibly also to lender 2 – depending on the timing of it all. We swap lenders on the third of the month, with a payment due to lender 1 on the second, and that sum is included in the settlement figure as we haven’t paid it yet. But we aren’t supposed to cancel the DD… so we settle it on the third, having paid it on the second!

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