We are probably crazy

We’re off to The Land of Guinness.


Oh…. tomorrow.

Yes, we’re taking off with zero planning and less knowledge. Tickets booked 24 hrs before departure

Well, it seemed daft to be sitting here so close to Stranraer and not even go for a little peek at the Emerald Isle. Well, that combined with a reminder recently that each and every day needs to be lived as though it is your last. Plus, P&O are giving a 15% discount on fares just now.

I’ve caught up with the laundry and that’s about all the prep that I have had time for. Mr L has sorted out the maps for the SatNav and will do the van tanks fill and empty routine in the morning. We shall just have to hope that we have everything with us that we need. Nell has her passport and we have our photo ID. Insurance and Recovery cover is checked. Phones are with Tesco so we have Roaming automatically enabled. Health cover is reciprocal in the Republic, so we don’t need to sort that out.

Have we forgotten anything?

We shall have a slow mosey on over to Stranraer tomorrow afternoon, and have dinner somewhere. Our sailing is at 23:59. Eep! We land at 01:59 and have identified a wilding spot just five minutes up the coast road from Larne. Should be fast asleep by 02:30.

Back in three weeks or so. Keeping in touch may be difficult. Not sure yet what we shall do about Internet access.

I really must write up last week’s trip before we go…


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