Who said that it was not that easy?

Turns out that it is that easy.

Our viewers love our house and want to by it. They have gone home to sort out their Home Report and to market their house. Their agent suggests that they can expect to sell within two weeks.

I am delighted to report that they are looking for their forever home and that they have family ties to the island so all is good. I hated selling our last house as a holiday cottage rather than a full-time residence. I can feel good about this sale.

Mr L has just sold his guitar collection, so that is a bit less stuff in the house. We have an awful lo to get rid of in what may turn out to be a short period of time. It certainly looks like crossing the Channel on the 6th September is in doubt now.

So, Everything Must Go. Anything you want, just come and put your name on it and its yours.

Right now I have an appointment with a hot bubble bath and a cold bottle of Veuve Clicquot. Possibly counting our chickens before they hatch but who cares, it’s fun.

I do hope that this sale works out. We have had some rotten ones in the past, full of stress and trauma. It would be good for once to do a nice civilised deal with nice civilised people and for all to progress smoothly.

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