It is not that easy

We have some people coming to view the house this evening. It is not on the market yet and we have yet to get the Home Report done but we had made it known around the island that if there was any serious interest we are happy to move fast, to get the Home Report done and talk turkey. So it happened, some house hunters were told we may sell and they like where the house is and want to come see.

This advance came out of the blue and to be honest we are a little startled. The place was in a complete state after we wandered off for the winter leaving things upside down and mid-project in the kitchen. All intention to prepare the house for sale had disappeared in the flurry of work needed on the van. We had in fact settled to the idea that we would go off to France this year and then sort out the house sale in 2018, acknowledging all the while that it might take years to sell the property.

In short, I was nowhere near ready to admit to myself that we are leaving this wonderful home.

Last night in bed I found myself tearful. I had allowed myself to think “what if..?” What if they like the place and actually want to buy it. It made the idea of moving out a reality and then came the tears.

I have been so happy here on this island and feel settled for the first time in my life. I have real roots in a real community and I am as I said, happy. Deeply so. I had thought that I would never leave and when initial plans to travel were mooted they involved buying a cheap house here to return to, meaning that Sanday would  remain my home. Now that looks like not being the case and I feel shaky at that prospect.

Never mind. The odds against anything happening soon are high and should it come to that I do know that I can live my life rootless. Wandering the planet will be fun and interesting, not to mention a great challenge.

And on the up side… most of that work that should have been done in the past few weeks has happened, or will have happened by tea-time. Not the ceiling cladding, though – we are still awaiting the delivery of the cladding that we ordered on our way home from Shetland. Frankly, it would have been nice to have had that little job done before tonight!

I don’t know what the viewers’ situation is but just imagine if they want it and if they have nothing to sell… and we’re not buying. We are happy  to leave the furniture in situ when we go – after all, we will not need it. In that scenario, we could we driving off in Vincent in a couple of months time and into the wide blue yonder!

More likely, should they want the house, is a lengthy process that delays our departure for France. Would that not be typical, now that we have booked and paid for the Shuttle crossing.

Am I excited at the prospects? Yes. Am I scared, similarly? Oh, yes, indeedy.

I comfort myself with the notion that perhaps these people are simply nosey inquisitive. I have had a lot of that type of house viewer in the past, I can tell you.


  1. ” Last night in bed I found myself tearful “.
    HUGZ. I still have the view through your living room window as the wallpaper on my phone as it is just so beautiful.

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