At the end of the day

Phew, what a day today has been. I have been hard at work for most of it, finishing clearing out the wardrobe, sorting clothes, then moving on to crates of bedding to do more of the same – then  washing long-stored items to freshen them before passing them on. Mr L has been painting the front room walls and thinking about the MOT and Vincent’s shock absorbers. He also fitted a replacement for the new fog lamp that he broke in fitting it earlier this week. Now we have two new foggers and a spare to carry with us.

Lots of stuff has gone out of the door today. I even reached the stage of selling some of the crates that had been housing it all. Lots of lovely progress.

Unfortunately our buyers are making less headway and are coming across the kind of snags that lurk there, awaiting the unsuspecting property purchaser. They are keeping in touch though and giving all the signs of being committed. It is early days yet but it does look like dates may slip. This is OK, our solicitor believes that we can go to France after doing most of our end and then any extra signing can be done by post.

After all my hard work today I was able to sit down at tea time with scarcely a qualm as I tucked into my jacket spud with cheese and bacon and ratatouille. I think that I may even have earned the beer that went with it.

Feeling really grubby after all that work. I think that a soak in the bath may be in order. There won’t be all that many more of those to look forward to, I suppose.

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