I knitted on through the REM live gig on R2 last night and am now into the third pattern rep (just)


The funny thing is that I am still not disenchanted. I actually want to make progress rather than give up.

I have decided that the important thing with these socks will be to keep up the impetus. I need to knit on them every day until they are done. If I once put them down… well, you know, castonitis [1]. (Of course this decision may have more than a little to do with the 2 hours that I spent last night trying to match stash to pattern queue and failing miserably to find the right light relief project)

So, that’s my life for the foreseeable future – socks. If the Arizona Quicksteps begin to get me down than I must get out Mr plumbum’s socks and work on those. But I must do my best to focus on the Quicksteps, or they will just go quietly into that great frogging basket in the sky.

On the bright side, after these three pattern repeats, it all  gets less fiddly. Chart A continues down the top of the foot but there is no side pattern to fret about. Actually, I wish that there was. I like my socks to look cohesive, like the wonderful Hedera socks that I knitted in the Rowan Cashsoft (beautifully engineered pattern.) A pattern that just stops at the heel looks a little bit daft, even if it is just a little bit sanity-saving too.

So, finish this pattern repeat and I am done with three sides of twiddling. I shall race down the heel flap, and into the (mercifully plain) gusset…

… see you on the pick up side. (Not my strong suit. You can probably tell…)

And I still wish that I had some 5″ Clover bamboo needles in 2.25mm.

[1] We should bear in mind the advent of this, 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders, bought for me by my wonderfully indulgent partner. Once it arrives? Well… *cough*

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