Poppy Progress: 12/09 Almost there

The extra skein of yarn arrived yesterday and poured to be too much different in shade. I elected to complete the shawl as per the pattern. This does not grieve me. Any more of that body lace pattern and I would have become a gibbering wreck.

The shawl was almost a finish last night. A really concerted effort put me halfway through the border yesterday, but I ended up tinking back nine rows.

I had fudged on R3 when ending the row 1 stitch short. I felt bad about it but the pattern wasn’t “set” and I couldn’t spot the error and after so much knitting yesterday afternoon I felt very unlike unpicking 407  stitches. When I had to fudge again in R5, and once more in R7 …common sense eventually kicked in. I tinked.

Due to a software release, and consequent Support load, we didn’t go to bed until almost 1 am. By that time I had a properly knitted border of 17 rows done.

Today is a busy day but I hope to get the knitting out tomorrow and finish the border. When I will get to crochet the edge, I really don’t know.

  • Days: 8
  • Repeats: done with
  • Rows knitted: 124
  • Border rows knitted: 11
  • Rows left: 7
  • Stitches on needle: 453
  • Stitches knitted so far: 23,628
  • Completion: 88%
  • Lifelines: 5
  • Yarn used: ?
  • Yarn left: ?

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