Not so very far away

Just popping up to wave merrily and confirm that I’m not so very far away. Lots of stuff has been happening – I’ve had a commission to work on, and Mr L keeps throwing me out of his office in order to conduct telephone conferences, and there’s been lots of DIY stuff and a holiday to contend with. Which all means that I have a mail box with around 300 messages awaiting me, and I’m scared of it. Frankly, I must deal with that before knuckling down to blogging – but there will be knitty news before long, I promise.

Brief summary:

  • the (KAL) Icelandic Poppies shawl was completed and blocked,
  • and so was the third Aestlight shawl.
  • My High Seas scarf has been frogged after reaching 25% because, well, it was just never going to be right.
  • The (KAL) Winter Shawl is back in active production and has reached 35%
  • but the (KAL) Autumn Arbor stole is going backwards for now.
  • There have been knitty purchases and there will be reviews forthcoming.

All this, and more, soon – plus news of The Stove.

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One, two, three…

One, two, three…

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  1. Michele Nicholls
    October 6, 2009

    Certainly sounds like you have WAY too many balls to keep in the air ;oD

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