Paying the price

We have been a bit lax about the 5:2 of late. We took time out to celebrate, and then it seemed that it was easy to lose the habit. Then of course we have been comfort eating of late. All told, I have added back almost a full kilo, which will now take me two weeks to lose (IF I can regain good habits quickly) before I can resume the downward trend.

I feel that I need somebody to beat me up for being such a stupid woman.

So, and hold me to it, I’m back on the diet from today.

Mr L was saying that the vet bill had not been as bad as he might have expected. My response was to say that I had thought perhaps around the £400 mark. This made him laugh as he passed me a receipt for £397-something. Oh, I’m good.

Treacle is making us pay the price too. Dosing him  up four times a day is not helping our trust relationship one bit. Basically he has taken to living in the kitchen and is spending no time with us at all. I miss him coming into bed every morning.

Today is a good day for Treacle. He had a saucer of kitty milk first thing and then tucked in ravenously to some kibble. He remains suspicious of pouch food though! After he ate, he did make some attempt at grooming, though he was mainly concerned with getting that Micropore off his leg. We shall help him with that job later. The grooming attempt is a very good sign and has cheered me considerably.

In the meantime:  bin bags to put out (tick), Monday Outlook blip to shoot (tick), 500 calorie lunch to plan (tick) (Smoked fish chowder)  and cook (tick), diuretics to administer (tick),  plus middle of the day antibiotic “on an empty stomach” dosing (tick), laundry (tick tick tick tick)(several loads), and I still need to bring some sense of order to my studio (especially as Gill and I need the table for some practical tasks soon), including winding all that purple Colinette yarn that I  keep promising to do.

As might be suspected, I have done no knitting since we brought Treacle home on Friday. I have spent far too much time just sitting, in fact. I really haven’t felt in the least productive. I think that I may have been wallowing. This week I would like to complete the Denali throw as far as I can and work out what extra yarn needs purchasing and I want to take some photographs and plan a Moo order for some new cards. Next week I shall earmark for finishing the Warriston.

It is time to get on with life. I am far too old to be wasting my time in the way that I have been lately. Carpe Diem.

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