Oh *!@$!*%$!

I shall have to tink.

I may have wasted an entire day.

It was all going so well but… I fell at the last hurdle. At the end of the transition chart I should have 128 stitches each side.

On one side I have 123.

On the other? 124!

I swear I counted every row. I swear each row was corrct. So what the hell went wrong?!

EDIT: the answer is “not a lot”

It’s not a simple “+32” calculation, so the correct number is not 128. I should have 124, which I do – on one side. I’ll bet I just missed a yarnover on t’other side – which is easily fixed, if I can spot where.

Phew! no tinking after all! I am glad I checked the maths.

I think I’ll check the count as well. Who knows, maybe I miscounted and there really are 124 stitches on each side…


  1. March 14, 2009

    Whew! Thank goodness you checked the count first!!

  2. March 14, 2009

    Thank heavens for that!
    I thought it would be odd to be out by that many stitches!

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