Some times the brain does function

Can I express sufficiently to you how very grateful I am that I had the good sense to send away for Addi Lace needles to knit the Laminaria on?

No, I do not think so.

Take it from me, the brain was functioning properly when I made that particular buying decision.

I have just knitted one half of Row 9 of the transition chart and done my first two-into-nine and three-into-nine stitches. I feel smug again. Lovely long pointy, sharp needles. Oh, joy!

No, really, this piece of knitting is fun. I am loving it. I can see how different an experience it would have been with the truly pointy sticks, though. A very different story, I’ll be bound.

And, to the person who found this blog by searching on “help with Laminaria stitches” -  any help I can give at all, you are welcome to!  Let’s start a mutual support group… I’ll do the photos/video… podcast! 🙂