What a difference a day makes

You now what? I reckon it was around about the time that I said to Mr L that I thought I might give my Laminaria to the Lifeboat Ladies for raffling when it is done, that the Knitting Goddess concluded I have become just a bit too uppity.

Whenever/whatever it was that offended her, she has just been along and whacked me about the chops with a whole shoal of wet codfish.

I seem to have completely arsed the blossom chart.

The problem now is that I forgot to put in a lifeline at the end of the transition chart. I was so enthused to have come out of it with the correct stitch count that I hurtled into the next chart without thinking.

“That’s OK” I said to myself “I’ll just put one in at the end of this first repeat.” Fine, except I am only at row 6 and the whole thing is completely arsed.

There are so many little problems now that I can no longer tell where I am with it. All I know is that I should have 136 stitches each side. One side has 135, the other has 130. And I seem to have found a section where at least one stitch has dropped and run back several rows.

It’s time for….

windowslivewriterrippitrippitrippit-11512kermit.jpgWhich means… 6 rows of the Blossom chart and 16 rows of the transition chart. Everything I have done today.

A complete day, wasted.

But, let’s be realistic. It is the faster option. Tinking back would take far longer than ripping to the lifeline and re-knitting.

A WHOLE day!

I’m not sure that I can bear it…

I’ll just get Mr L to verify my counts.

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    Oh, poo 🙁

    I hate it when that happens!!

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