Off the wagon already

So much for self discipline. Having cast off my first mitt, I cast on for the second one and was happily knitting away when my beloved suggested an early night with a good book. I didn’t want to read but I didn’t fancy my chances of keeping the mohair right in bedroom lighting – so I cast on a Spring Cap with my Delightful handspun.

I was well away, getting two inches of rib done, and six pattern rows before lights out – and feeling only very slightly guilty. It made me very happy to be finally knitting something with my own handspun – and the Yarn Yard merino feels gorgeous to knit with, a real pleasure.

Today was spinning day. Postie brought me my spindle, and some fibre to play with. I was feeling very happy with my goodies, but tired after starting my day by making spinning cake at 7:30am – so I elected to try the drop spindle and then knit, instead of getting my wheel out. Again, I thought tackling the merino with all the lively chat going on about me was a non-starter, so I got my hat out.

I kept laying my hat out to admire it. I knit some more, admired it again and again. Then I got my comeuppance/punishment for dropping off the wagon. I noticed that one third of my hat was wrong. The lace holes are nicely staggered over most of it but around one and a half needles-worth had nicely organised straight vertical rib and holes. It turned out that way back at the beginning of the pattern rows I had somehow lost two stitches

There was a considerable debate regarding the advisability of just resetting the pattern mid-stream against tinking or even ripping.


I ripped.

Ten rows of 132 stitches to tink was just a stitch or three too many for me to stomach. Really, I would have been happy to reset the pattern and carry on.

Currently picking up the stitches at the increase row prior to the eyelet pattern of the main part. Once that is done. I will set it aside and return to the Completion Plan and finish Mitt #2.

I do need chocolate, though.

And gin.

I hate knitting.

No, I do.

Well, right now I do. Ask me again later.