More colour needed

I was just looking at my Ravelry projects page and thinking how nice it is to see some new colours appearing. I reckon, though, that the page needs some yellow, and a load of green.

Green is coming up, with brown and metallic, for April and May on PS3 – I fully intend to whip out my bamboo yarn from The Yarn Yard for that. It’s for this, I think. Oddly, for me, I don’t seem to have much green to hand. I have green and purple together and green and brown together, and green and blue together, but not really greenish greens alone. I can recall a time when all I would have at hand would be greens and maybe some browns.

I do have some white yarn ready to dye. I could make that green or yellow in no time flat.

Shall I?

I could dye my Cheviot in shades of green and yellow and do another Spring Cap, looking just like Spring Daffodils… that would be ever so cheery.