Now what

Woke this morning to a heavy mist and so we put into action our backup plan and I delivered Mr L to the ferry in the full expectation that his flight would be delayed or cancelled. I’m back from the ferry, the dog has been played with and fed, the rubbish is out and I have had my own breakfast. It is not yet 08:30.

So what am I going to do until Friday afternoon when I get my companion back.

I have a daily checklist on my desk on which I have scribbled items such as “Treadmill” and “Deep cleaning”. This loosely translates, I think, as “Knitting” 🙂 In my defence, an item on the list is  “Steve’s sweater.”

One of the items on what is actually quite a long list reads: Two Snails catchup. I have trips going back two years to complete with image upload and write-ups. Why so behind – well, I am blaming Koken for being sluggish and intractable.  Yesterday disappeared in attempts to set up a replacement site with WordPress. The task is well under way but is not exciting me as I know that the photographs will not display as beautifully as they do in Koken.

I imagine that large chunks of time will disappear to the Two Snails project. The week will most likely be over before I know it.

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