A Molehill

I can scarce believe it but the sock yarn mountain is already reduced to a molehill – just three balls left. Mr L is having three and I have five for myself, the remainder has gone to new homes. I confess that I have already bid on two more packages of sock yarn from the same dealer. This time I have bid lower and will only buy if successful at a very low price. I confess that I feel a little twitchy at having just eight balls of sock yarn to last me half a year.

Not much to report today – I have been doing some proper cleaning and tidying and Mr L has completed the porch flooring with a coat of sealer. It looks grand.

Aside from selling yarn to folks at the door and preparing a meal, I have done little other than the cleaning ting and a little research on WordPress themes. I am still toying with the idea of moving Two Snails back to a WordPress blog.  I think that I have found the right look and feel and have implemented it here at Woolgathering for me to play about with it for a while. I like it here. I think it will stay. If you are reading this on the site rather than in a feed reader, I’d appreciate your comments on the new look and feel. I’m considering “branding” by stylising the featured images one way for this site and another for Two Snails.

It will take  a bit of homework to figure out how to migrate from Koken to WordPress. It won’t happen soon, as Mr L is away to Manchester on Monday morning’s plane.


  1. spinninggill
    August 19, 2016

    I like the look of this. Nice and clean.

    • August 20, 2016

      Me likee too. I’m actually testing it out for Two Snails – I’m struggling with Koken and threatening to turn it over to WP. However, it is so very smart and seemingly well-behaved, I may well keep it here. I’ll need to give the two sites a different look and feel or I shan’t know where I am. The problem is the free theme is not all that configurable and that means considering paying for the full one. It’s not a one-off either, but annual.

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