I went to check on the former CISRA puzzlers today: there was an update made on the 17th of August, which suggested that another is imminent.

[su_quote cite=”mezzacotta” url=””]17 August 2016

We are creating and test solving the last batch of puzzles for the competition. Early September is a touch too early to commit to, and late September is ruled out because of travel commitments we have. We will likely choose a week early in October to run the competition, and announce the exact dates in the next week or so. Stay tuned![/su_quote]

We had better make sure that we have some printing facility on board the RV by then.

It is a better day than yesterday in respect of mist but the  air remains very damp and my wahsing is hanging listlessly on the line. I fear that I shall be deploying the tumble dryer before bedtime.

Speaking of bedtime, I let Nell sleep with me last night but she got off the bed and returned to her own place just after midnight. When I went to the toilet around 5 am, she returned with me again and then let me lie abed until half past eight without asking to be let out. I do believe that she takes advantage of Mr L.

He himself reports a small hotel bedroom with a single bed, no air conditioning and uncomfortably high temperatures in Manchester. It will soon be over – his final payslip and P45 arrived in today’s post. His biggest complaint is that, having arranged a hotel handy for the tram to work… there are no trams in service because the road is being dig up. Now he has to walk across town to Piccadilly in order to make his way to the office. I imagine that is irksome.

I had hoped, after posting on Facebook, that one of our friends might have come forward and wanted to meet for a drink or a meal last night but none did and the poor chap had to dine alone at his usual venue… a Wetherspoon’s. I would find that ghastly.

So far I have managed to remain fairly disciplined and things are looking slightly tidier and shinier around here. It’s hard to keep at it though, especially as I have no  music except for Radio 2 available in the kitchen. Even if I can find some speakers, the music server is out of action since the thunderstorm. I do have a selection of tracks on a USB stick but am lacking the kettle lead to power the music box up. I’ve been out to the caravan to look for it but it has not made itself apparent. I shall search more widely after a mug of coffee. Caffeine usually helps.

Discipline is also evident in the feeding department. Today I have taken a second box of leftovers from the freezer. It all has to be cleared out before we go away, so I may as well eat it and not have to do any real cooking this week. It just leaves even more free time in which to feel the quiet.

What else… oh, yes – I have shoes! At least I think that I have shoes. I’ll try them on again later and see if I can quiet the small doubt that I have about them being a touch too large.

Small knitting progress to report, just a couple of inches on a mansock, ready now to divide for the heel. I worked on it whilst watching a ridiculous amount of TV last night. We had tried a new Netflix series recently and dropped it after two episodes, declaring it to be rubbish. I thought I might as well have it keep me company. It remained pretty dreadful but improved I think towards the end. Kiefer Sutherland is no great shakes in the acting department, is he. I think tonight I’d best choose a fillum – but which

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