Nothing much to report

I thawed a pot of minestrone for my lunch but it turned out to be French beans in tomato sauce, so I made a sandwich from bits I found in the fridge: homemade Granary roll, smoked ham, cheddar cheese and some of those wonderful spicy beetroots from Tesco. The beans in sauce may reappear tomorrow if I cook a burger or something similar from the freezer.

I had four loads of washing on the line eventually today. It is not drying well, though a slight breeze has sprung up since earlier. I may be late to bed tonight if the sheets are not properly dry soon.

Not much else to report for my day.

  • I make incremental progress on the housework but not with any great sense of conviction.
  • I caramelised some fruit this afternoon, though that had not been my intention. It will take several days to clean my pan and I doubt it will ever be the same again
  • I knitted the heel flap on Mr L’s sock while watching Ripper Street. I may stay with the Victorian theme later and watch Burke and Hare. No doubt Mr L would be scathing of my viewing choices but, well, he’s not here, is he.

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