No SuRprise Here (December ReflectIons 31)

The final prompt for the 2019 December Reflections is perhaps the toughest for me to tackle: My Word for 2020

This is so not me!

No, really. I am not the kind of person to set a narrow focus. I don’t even do New Year’s Resolutions as I find them to be foolish.

I am however playing this game and must show willing. I do not intend to blob out on the final prompt.

Here is my word then: SURPRISE

I intend to spend my year in continuing to surprise myself by the things that I achieve, the places that I visit, the new things that I learn and the skills that I develop. In my life there is always something unexpected around the next corner. Surprise is something that I can actually count upon.

Perhaps I shall revisit this post with the 2020 December Reflections and Surprise myself by discovering my 2020 theme/Word in retrospect.

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