A good haul

We are on a lovely little campsite miles away from anywhere, by the side of a reservoir and surrounded by wildlife. If that were not perfection enough, the site has a fabulous book-swapping shelf. I took two in but came away with four…

Particularly looking forward to Ingrid Bergman’s autobiography but I also seized upon an Anne Tyler and a volume by Sandy Toksvig and have a re-read in the form of Porterhouse Blue. A quality bookshelf and I might have seized more had I not wished to appear un-greedy.

Moving on tomorrow and hope to digest a little culture and a good meal in Évora. After that we shall most likely return to Spain, though that is by no means a certainty.

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One, two, three…

One, two, three…

We are now well into our third week of confinement. Things appear to be going well for us and the time is passing very quickly, It should get even better now that the weather is set to pick up again.  We are now fully confident that we have not brought any nasty bugs home with us from Provence and so I am no longer trying to completely avoid everybody by walking Nell at a timeContinue readingOne, two, three…



How do I choose? There is so very much that I could be doing. I am suffering from Opportunity Paralysis! … Continue readingComforting

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