No knitting

There isn’t much knitting being done this week, nor much preparation for next week’s visitors. We are consumed by puzzles. Not doing ‘arf badly, though – last year we finished in 31st position. At the time of writing we are in ninth… though there is plenty of time for that to change. All the same, with 140 teams on the leader board and 235 registered teams… we are not performing too badly. Teams may have up to 10 players – there’s just the two of us, but we do work well as a team and we exhibit different strengths.

I missed spinning today, through forgetting which day of the week that it was 🙁

Apart from puzzling, we have been trying to walk out in the bay as much as possible, and I confess to having done a little laundry… but no knitting and no spinning at all. I miss it.