Bank Job?

You know that I said that I needed to unsub from the Yarn Yard news and RSS feeds because I cannot afford the temptation? Well, I didn’t yet. And now Natalie has instituted a forthcoming updates posting *and* a new and wonderfully evocative naming scheme for her yarns and fibres:

The Yarn Yard – The New Updates

I think that I need to knock off a bank.

The Ochil fibre, MT in Haar (O.M.G!) and Sock in Raasay, Tobermory, Glentress, and Cairn I think are my favourites, but it’s a close-run thing…

I do know that I really want to see the Ochil spun up. Really, really want to see/do that. And a little shawl in Haar,  and some socks for Mr L in Cairn, I think and… what a pity there’s no bank to rob on the island… otherwise a bank job might have been a good plan.


  1. April 10, 2008

    There is a bit left for you… not everything you mentioned is still there but some of it is, and you could be “good” and opt for a wee 50g skein…

    Glad you like the names.

    Base yarns will have proper names by next week.
    Sanday…. Hmmm What colour is Sanday?

  2. April 11, 2008

    LOL. Alas, no, I can’t spend anything right now. I’m all treated up.

    What colour is Sanday? Sanday is mercurial, changing colour with the weather. She is lush emerald green fields, blue skies, clouds of every possible white/grey/blue hue, her seas are tropical blue under a blue sky and aqua green under cloud, steel under a stormy sky. On a snowy day, she is these colours She is pink rocks and white sands, she is orange lichens, startling sunsets, and yellow flowers…

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