Thank heaven for that

Woke this morning to find that the Melbourne puzzle Hunt had reached its conclusion, which means that we can call a halt to the annual madness, if we wish. A bout of puzzle fatigue saw us tail off at the 19 puzzles solved stage, with six to go, and we dropped from ninth to 20th. We’re happy – we aimed to hit the top twenty this time, after making 31st position last year. We might have tried again today if the thing had not been won yet but, to be honest, as for last year, it’s a relief to find the thing closed.

Next year we really must enlist at least one or two additional team members. The need to bounce ideas against differently-working minds is paramount. With just one more brain on the go, I am certain we’d make the top ten. Perhaps a knitters’ team next year? I mean, doing puzzles is not as difficult as following a lace chart pattern, so it should be a doddle for a knitter…

Hmm… a mystery-KAL-plus-puzzle-hunt-team.

Works for me!

The CISRA Puzzle begins at the end of the month – room for two players on our team. We could give the knit-and-puzzle thing a test run ready for next year 🙂

Leave a comment, if you are up for it and I’ll be in touch. Being in a time zone that means that all team members are awake together at some time would be a bonus. (This blog runs on GMT+1)

Anyway – the point of this rambling is to say that normal service would be resumed now, if only we were not expecting our first-ever houseguests on the Windswept Acre. This blog’s normally relaxed attitude to housework tends to culminate at such times in frenzied and exhausting activity. So, that’s today and tomorrow sorted. The rest of the week is down to entertaining, though I hope to be able to knit my way through several conversations 🙂 I doubt that much knitting or spinning progress can be made until the week after next, however.

I was setting up my project control list yesterday and came to the realisation that my WIPs are not all that far from being controlled, and I can see the effects of stash busting happening too. The spinning fibre stash is what is really out of control, though. More spinning time needed, urgently!

Oh, and I have castonitis again. I want something new and exciting and knitted on straight needles, to counteract all the sock knitting that I have ahead of me.

I’ve signed up for the Yahoo Group EZasPi… could this be a clue as to where my castonitis may be leading me? I do hope not, I loathe circular needles*! I was thinking maybe a Wabenschal by Birgit Freyer ( – with half an eye on the “Scarf” class at this year’s annual Industrial Show.

Then again, once I have washed and blocked my swatches, I could start Mr L’s sweater instead.

Which is the more likely option?

Got to to go, I am in the middle of dyeing my make-shift pair of curtains that are intended to temporarily replace the shrunken sitting room ones.

* I haven’t posted this yet, as I was going to take photos, but I just acquired some knitting books – and all because I wanted the Pi Shawl instructions (and the Amazon free postage). Which is madness, given the circs-aversion. I want to achieve the Pi, I really do. (I just wish it could be done on straights) And I want to design my own, so this project is on hold until I acquire a good lace stitch dictionary. What is worse is the fact that I think I want to do one in handspun, as a throw for the sofa. EEK! Will post more ordered thoughts on this topic later.