NaBloPoMo 13: He who pays the piper

Happily, Mr L and I share a similar outlook on matters of Religion. I do not intend to bore my reader with the details but sufficient to say, we’re not in the “for” party. We discuss the matter quite frequently – we try to do our best to understand, but always fail.

A peek into our philosophical outlook:

Mrs L  is listening to the radio – it’s a Requiem Mass (I  forget which one) and she is lost in the pleasure of listening to the Pie Jesu.

“You can say what you like about Religion, but we’d have missed some great music without it…”

Came the response, quoting “but… the Devil has all the best tunes!”

Mrs L pondered this for a while, fighting the urge to enter into philosophical discussion regarding the difficulty of accepting this statement when a lack of belief in a deity must also imply a lack of belief in its opposite.

“I dunno – I reckon in a straight fight, I’d back Handel against the Devil any day of the week.”

Let’s face it – an opening round of Zadok the Priest, and ol’ Lucifer would be out for the count, would he not? That’s if he were not a figment, of course.

(normal service wil be resumed shortly)

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