NaBloPoMo 12: just a blank

Sorry – there really is nothing to report around here. I should have gone to town today but woke feeling very sub-par and promptly tucked the duvet back around my ears. Lunch actually came out of a jar (good grief!) – so there’s nowt to write about there, either. There’s been no knitting done today, so nothing to report on the fibre front. I’ve spent my time battling with WordPress on Dreamhost – a deeply unhappy combination that leaves one feeling frustrated in the extreme. A half hour update has taken me about five hours to effect. We must get the Sanday site onto a better/faster/more expensive host. What was I doing? Just getting a page up to support the recruitment process for our new GP. And now here we are, the day about over.

I took the dog out when I finished uploading to the Sanday site. I found a large envelope in the conservatory. It has made me cross in the extreme. I dislike it immensely when persons unknown try to impose their personal belief and superstitions upon me in the privacy of my own home. There should be a law against it. Anyway – their recruitment material was promptly filed where it deserved to be – under “B”  for bin. What a waste of time, energy, and trees.

In the light of my being a virally-induced atheistic crosspatch today, I can but offer a snapshot of yesterday’s sky. Enjoy (though it’s a bit rubbish, it’s all that I have)

The sky when I went spinning yesterday - taken outside S's house, looking SW-ish
The sky when I went spinning yesterday - taken outside S's house, looking SW-ish

I’ll try to get to town tomorrow. Actually quite glad I didn’t go today – it’s turned out to be a bit horrid and the wind is from the SE – meaning that the boat might not get home this afternoon anyway.

I’m going to calm my ire by concluding my first Very Terhi mitt – now with thumb isolated and sprinting towards the hand cast off.

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  1. November 12, 2009

    I felt the same way about the anonymous envelope. Creepy I thought. Went straight on to the recycling pile!

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