My Winter Shawl

FO Friday. No FOs to show, but one that has almost made  it is soaking in the sink. I shall pin it out later and maybe there will be an FO post next Friday.

I made “A Handsome Triangle” from Victorian Lace Today, intending that it would be my winter cosy. Well, here we are in  May and it’s finally being blocked! It was a problem of size, of space and of cold dank Orcadian winter weather. Well, there is sunshine now. Not much more space, but I shall manage – and I do now have some extra mats and can call upon SpinningGill if I need yet more. Expect reports of backache tomorrow!

I washed a kilo of skeins yesterday. They are outside drying today, all 2,200 yards, and I shall be revealing all next Tuesday. Watch this space. For the terminally curious: Colourmart heavy silk fleece DK (probably “Worsted” weight?) in something like a Morello Cherry colour. It is going to be wonderful!

Trying hard not to be depressed today. The collective British Electorate  is somewhat short on brain power. The pound is now totally screwed and purchases from the US have been forbidden. I don’t know what my in-process patterns and yarn are going to cost me now but it is too late to stop them and to adhere to hubby’s ban 🙂 And there was me, trying to “save” money… more on this when packages arrive –  but in the meantime, let us say that I have been feeling a little windswept and interested this week!

Can’t let mention of the election pass without congratulating Alistair Carmichael MP on the hearty vote of thanks for a job well done. which he received yesterday. He reinforced his majority with a 10.5% swing to Lib Dem. Well done that man. He does a great job for us and deserves that approbation.

Hmmm – more of a Saturday Jumble than a FO Friday post, really. Sorry about that.

Right, I’m off to pin out my shawl and to make a nice Kedgeree for our lunch as there was some really nice fresh undyed smoked haddock at the shop last night. Then I need to prepare a place for our guest to sleep when he gets here.