Thrill seeking

I am short of time today so I thought I’d just scan the latest patterns in Ravelry to offer you up something thrilling to drool over. Sadly, I just do not have the time to search the trees in order to find the wood. The pearl amongst the swine cannot be found. The needle is lost in the haystack. What am I on about? I am carping about all the dross that finds its way into Ravelry. Yes. I am being a miserable old baggage.Yes. I probably will add to the dross myself at some point 🙂

Knitted cover for your bicycle lock, anybody? Spring Onion bag for your tennis balls…  or maybe a knitted cover for your milk jug. There are the endless washcloths of course (What is it with washcloths? Who knits bloody washcloths in this day and age? and why?) and numerous uninspiring socks… The Emperor’s outfit looks a little thin these days.

Sorry, no, I cannot offer you the beautiful and challenging knitting thrill that I would wish you to gaze upon today.

So, I’m going to tell you just how thrilled I was this week to be accepted as one of Rosemary (Romi) Hill’s new test knitters.

I am going to be a test knitter. Wheeeeee! Now, that is thrilling.

I’ll tell you something else as well – whatever comes out of that process will be a thrilling pattern, and good value for money.


  1. May 6, 2010

    I just wanted to confess to being a dish cloth knitter… I like them, they’re pretty colours, make me smile and I can knit one in an afternoon!

    • May 7, 2010

      LOL! Well, somebody has to be knitting them – there are a gazillion “patterns” for them. I get fed up of wading through them some days. I’m glad they bring somebody joy to balance out the universe.

      What do you do with them? Do they have a purpose other than as washcloths? I’m endlessly fascinated by this topic, so please forgive my inquisitive nature. I cannot see how they work for the intended purpose. Given the use of pretty colour, how on earth do you keep them sanitised when you cannot boil or bleach them? Milton? Something else?

      This has long been a mystery to me so getting a view on the inside would be really interesting!

  2. May 14, 2010

    I can never see the point of knitting cloths. I have so little time to knit that it would seem like a waste. Though I have some horrible cotton which is too nasty to use for anything other than string bags so perhaps that would make a good scrubbing cloth! I recently came across a designer/blog called Picnicknits and she has some lovely shawls and shawlettes. Mind you, having seen your lovely knitting they might not be challenging enough for you. Hope your germ gets better very soon. Polly :o)

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